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ERS Rally Tab
Evolution of Rally

This device has proven itself enough now for us to be bringing it to market. With the Dakar Rally embracing this technology, from 2023, all roadbooks will be electronic.


What makes this tablet special and different from other tablets is not only that it was purpose built for outdoor use, but that it is a normal tablet, electronic roadbook, trip meter, cap repeater and GPS all in one, so you have one device that you can use for everything, even taking photos and videos or making phone calls.


If you are not a rally racer, the tablet is also perfectly suited to gps racing. It has a much better and bigger screen than a conventional gps, giving you a competitive advantage if it comes to gps racing.

The future 

296692076_613412336909815_216737046395646769_n copy.jpeg

With this next evolution in rally navigational equipment, our rally tablet creates a way for future rally riders to get into the sport without the massive capital outlay of buying dedicated traditional rally navigation equipment.

Our rally tablet is an all in one, turnkey, solution for starting out in the sport of rally. No other hardware needed.

Specially built for Rally

  • Rugged (IP 67)

  • Waterproof


  • Dust-proof

  • 1000 nit (bright) screen

  • Very accurate GPS (GLONASS and BeiDou)

  • Proven tough

  • 4G/LTE enabled (requires sim)

  • Wi-Fi

  • 10000 mAH battery

  • Can be used as everyday tablet

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